Bunsen, Teclu or Meker-Fisher?

Bunsen and Teclu burners, based on a quite similar operating principle, are named after their inventors. The most important difference is the method of routing air to the flame. In the Bunsen burner, air is admitted through holes at the base, flowing upwards directly along the burner tube. The air intake of the Teclu burner is achieved through a conical burner tube from the base. The air rate is adjustable with a knurled screw at the burner tube. As a result, the Teclu burner offers a slightly finer and more stable flame adjustment. In addition, the screw does not get as hot during extended operation as the regulating mechanism of the Bunsen burner. It depends on the specific conditions and the personal preferences, which burner is used.
Meker-Fisher burners mainly feature a wide burner tube. The amount of gas they burn is higher so that the flame exhibits a higher calorific value. As a result, these burners are able to heat large fluid rates or volumes quicker than most other gas burners.

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Here you can see the BOCHEM burners: