Company profile

Competence. Experience. Reliability.

Metal goods for the lab - we are the experts!

The strength of Bochem Instrumente GmbH lies in the processing and finishing of steel or aluminium as well as the handling of these materials. Those who take spatulas, scissors or stirrers in their hands will see and sense the difference: Stability, durability and high-quality processing are noticeable at a first glance.

Innovation is based on experience

Only somebody who knows the loads acting on the products during operation as well as the user’s requirements can supply quality products and achieve better solutions. Bochem Instrumente GmbH has been a partner for lab equipment since 1957. For more than 60 years we have been in close contact with the laboratories of research, industry and universities. We listen and develop our innovations based on the acquired knowledge. No revolutionary products, but improvements according to the Bochem manner: These are, for example, a wobble-free lab jack or a remotely controlled electrical lab jack, but also individually designed wire baskets or glass structures of stainless steel that enable optimum cleaning or safe transport.

The values of a family enterprise

Bochem Instrumente GmbH enters into its fourth generation. This consistency is a firm part of the company’s philosophy which, however, also includes responsibility and reliability – internally as well as externally. Many employees already made their apprenticeship in our company. We establish and cultivate supplier relationships. The results are stable processes within the cooperation. Quality variations, supply shortages or problem to meet deadlines will not occur with Bochem! Our customers hence likewise benefit from these very conservative values.

Catalogue items are in stock

Laboratory products just-in-time!

To relieve you from storing and managing your lab equipment, we do that for you. As a result, all catalogue products can be delivered within short. Especially for standard products, such as spoons, spatulas or sleeves, this service is highly valuable. Key to this are our modern and extensive machinery for metal working and processing as well as our committed production specialists.

Goods made in Germany

Many Bochem products originate from Germany. We also purchase items, but the final assembly or finishing always take place locally. The major portion of our assortment is produced in Weilburg. Consequently, it is ensured that all delivered products are subject to a careful in-house quality assessment. Bochem’s quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

Durability, stability and high-quality surfaces are the characteristics of Bochem products. For example, painted products are protected with a chemically resistant plastic powder coating on epoxy basis. Stainless steel products are provided with an electrolytic surface polishing to protect them reliably against corrosion or rust. If they are cleaned and maintained regularly, these products exhibit an almost unlimited lifetime.