Lab-Jacks MAXI, aluminium

– Scissor-construction made of 18/10-stainless steel, too

  • The MAXI lab jacks offer 30% more height because of an amplified construction
  • Scissor-type design made of 18/10 steel
  • Adjustment of height with the help of an adjusting wheel.
  • Ergonomic knob, rounded and user-friendly
  • All models are manufactured according to DIN 12897
  • Regarding the operating load, we distinguish between maximum dynamic operating load (kg max dyn) and maximum static operating load (kg max stat) of the lab jack. These norms are also according to DIN 12897.
Material A (Length) B (Width) C min C max Kg max dyn Kg max stat Thread Article no.
Al green  160  130  75  400  30  M8 x 1,25  11022 
Al green  200  200  75  400  30  M8 x 1,25  11032