Surface Finishing

Surface finishing refers to all technical processes applied during the production of a part to improve its functional surface characteristics.
One example is corrosion protection. It is generated by galvanizing, chromium-plating, nickel-plating, anodizing, painting or powder-coating. Stainless steel is protected against corrosion by electrolytic polishing. Protection against wear and contamination is achieved by coating.

Surface finishing processes offered by Bochem:

  1. Application of metallic coatings
    – Galvanizing
    – Chromium-plating
    – Nickel-plating
  2. Application of organic coatings
    – Painting
    – Powder coating
    – Plastic coating (e.g. with PTFE)
  3. Electrolytic polishing (stainless steel)
  4. Anodizing (aluminium)