What exactly are modular frame structures?

In mini-plant technology, modular frame structures refer to frame structures consisting of standardized components such as stainless steel tubes and tube connectors. Applications include the support of loads that are common in a laboratory, such as glass structures and small laboratory plants. This type of frame structure offers flexible and special solutions of up to 8m in height.

All frame elements are largely corrosion-resistant, suitable for universal use and easy to assemble.
Bochem uses V2A stainless steel tubes of (Material No. 1.4301) with a ground surface and an outside diameter of 26.9 mm (3/4″). These tubes are connected with tube connectors of galvanized cast iron, additionally provided with a green powder coating.

Furthermore, an extensive range of stainless steel accessories, such as fixing tools, clamps, plates, catch basins, support jacks, lifting and lowering mechanisms, etc., are available.

The operating safety of frame structures using tubes and tube connectors mainly depends on the proper selection, arrangement and assembly of the frame and connecting elements. Bending stresses for glass components must be avoided, therefore the tube frames must be absolutely stable.

The frames can be provided with feet or rollers; it is recommended to use at least 2 rollers with locking devices to ensure a safe standing of the frame.

Where are modular frames used?

  • Research and development laboratories
  • Production laboratories
  • Pilot plants

The Bochem standard frames can be designed individually according to the specific requirements. Due to the large number of elements and components, they can be quickly and easily extended or supplemented.
It is also possible to order readily assembled frames.

In many cases, limitations are dictated by the prevailing room conditions, for example, due to the room height or the door frames or clearances. Thanks to the flexibility of the components, no compromises due to these conditions are required. For this purpose, all important data should be compiled beforehand.

Professional planning facilitates implementation, this saves time and money!

This is what BOCHEM offers concerning modular frame constructions: